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Mitton Windows

New Stained Glass Windows by Roland Mitton


I have had the pleasure of carrying out 4 stained and painted windows over the past 3 years at Alexandria Parish Church, encompassing different themes, all with the aim of enhancing the building and what it stands for.  In 2011, Liz and Nan Houston spoke with me about a memorial to Rev. Peter Houston, celebrating his life and ministry.

The theme for the window was the seated figure of King David as a Shepherd, playing a lyre. A river with fish encompasses the figure, and we introduced features which Peter Houston would have appreciated.  An evening sky split with white ‘con’ trails and devices in the four quadrants of the window.  1)’ Nec Tamen Consumebatur’ 2) Knights Templar 3) Scouting ‘Fleur de Lys’ and 4) Peter’s BAA Airport Chaplain emblem.

With the success of the Peter Houston window, Iain Galbraith was fired up, and together we came up with the concept of the Four Seasons window for the glazed screen at the entrance of the church. A seasons window must depict the  feeling of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter through images and associated colour; hence the gambolling lambs, cool greens, snow-topped mountains merging into poppies, sunflowers, then ripe fruit, golden leaves and wheat. Winter is personified through cold skies, departing geese, stars and snow flurries reinforced by images of winter and Iain’s faithful ‘Bess’!

In December 2012, the Kirk Session asked me to carry out two further windows which presented a challenge in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the present Alexandria Parish Church building.

In the first anniversary window, I used the image of the ‘River of Life’ weaving through from top to base. A turbulent, ever changing river as life itself and against this background at the head of the window – The Lamb of God surmounting the images of four former Alexandria Church buildings with the present building at the base.

The second ‘Heritage’ window presented a very different problem in amalgamating past industry with present hopes and aspirations for the town. At the head of the window the Cross, flanked by ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ symbols over the ever present loch. Green feathers, images in Turkey Red and checked woven fabric are reminiscent of the town’s heritage. Smoky chimneys, the fountain un the main street and the ‘torpedo’ works stand beside Bonhill Bridge, while finally, the bottom left of the window shows the Red Madder plant, so vital in the town’s dyeing industry.

Roland Mitton

Stained Glass Artist


February 2015